Register Your Copyright – Updated Item – 10 or 25 Year Copyright Registration


Register a further draft/version of a previously registered item at a discount of 50% of our current price. The previous registration will continue as before, the new Copyright Registration will be valid for 10 years.

If your original registration was for 25 years then we will be pleased to extend the registration on your new draft from 10 years to 25 years for no additional cost. N.B. Please ensure you email us after making your payment and uploading your item in order to claim the extra 15 years registration period.

When you click ‘Add To Cart’ you will be able to enter your details, make your payment and upload your work. IMPORTANT: To avoid a delay in us registering your copyright please include the previous copyright registration number of your item, this can be done in the next page alongside the title of the item.

You should receive confirmation and a Copyright Registration number by email within a few minutes of uploading your work, if you do not receive an email confirmation please check your spam folder.